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Pray for the Devenneys in Ivory Coast (West Africa).

Our Father, God and Comforter.  Be with us as we yearn to love and serve in Abengourou, Ivory Coast. Be with our family in Christ there, Pastor Wisdom and the clinic.

Allow the clinic to continue to get the necessary medical supplies even with borders closed. Enable the body of Christ in Abengourou to provide food for their neighbors along with the bread of life that lives within them. We ask for protection and your Providence to flow through our teammates, Ian and Kristen Isely, who remain there now.

Thank you for this unexpected time back in the US; allow us to find peace and direction in the immediate future as we continue to abide in your sovereignty.

Join others at 12 PM today to pray for our local and global community. Use the Zoom Link to join with others and pray together.
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Pray for the Meisters in Birminham, England.

Pray for support to be fully funded by August, currently at 79%.

Pray for an end to the Coronavirus threat in the US, UK, and worldwide.

Pray for sensitivity to justice in the church. For all people from the moment they are conceived for the full life God gives them, no matter the category society may place them in.

May there be unity in the church brought about by the presence of the Holy Spirit and meaningful reconciliation between all people.

May God give grace to Muslim people worldwide, that they may see and desire Christ for who he truly is: God incarnate who takes away the sin of the world for all who believe and lives still today through his Spirit who dwells in those who believe.

Join others at 12 PM today to pray for our local and global community. Use the Zoom Link to join with others and pray together.

Pray for Family Camp in a Box, MIX at Mountain, MOVE at Mountain and Camp Epic.

Father, we bring to Your feet the efforts that are being invested in making Family Camp in a Box, Mix at Mountain, Move at Mountain & Camp Epic a special time that will draw kids of all ages closer to You. Each camp is unique, so may every email typed, every meeting held, every action taken be done by Your will.

Lord, we could have never foreseen these camps having to be radically changed the way they have, but You did, and in response we step aside now and ask that You lead the way. Help us as leaders make decisions that will be pleasing to You. May the lessons that are taught, help to instill righteousness in these children, and may the seeds planted this summer continue to guide them throughout their lives.

Father, we pray even now to prepare our minds & hearts for each camp experience, that all personal distractions may be put aside in order that we may be present and fully engaged with these precious children whom You’ve entrusted us to lead.

Thank you so much for allowing …

Pray for leaders who will be serving in the new camp realities/roles.

Father, thank you so much for providing a community that prioritizes caring for the next generation; helping them stand on our shoulders. We are so grateful for those in our community who do this in regular ways and also in ways through their daily living.

Specifically, we would like to pray today for all of our leaders who are stepping up and serving kids and students in this new reality this summer. Give them energy and creativity they need for each day. Give them endurance and patience to deal with unexpected challenges and potential technical issues as well as frustrations with kids and students.

Give them Your peace that passes understanding in the midst of whatever is happening in their daily lives. Allow them to invest fully in their campers and show Jesus to those they’re interacting with.

Father, we know this is such a difficult time, and we are so grateful for these unsung heroes who are giving their time each and every day. Help them not to be discouraged and to keep pointin…

Pray for Indian Lake Camp + Christ in Youth (CIY) as they make camp adjustments.

God, thank you for the opportunity to hold these two amazing places and people up to you. We pray for Indian Lake and CIY today. We ask that you would be with them as they make the hard decisions to adjust the camp schedule this summer.

There is something so special that happens at summer camp and we are so thankful to be a part of a church that knows camp is important. We pray for Indian Lake as they are adjusting to not having campers on their grounds this summer. As they're making this hard choice and as we support them, we ask that you hold them close. We ask for your presence through this time as they navigate what this summer looks like for them.

We also pray today for the team of people at CIY, as they run at full speed to make sure CIY can still happen this summer. As they help churches go digital, hold physical events, and as churches make the hard decision not to attend CIY this summer. We ask that you be with them.

We know lives are changed at summer camp and our partners…

Pray for parents as they navigate summer and new summer camp plans.

We first thank you for health, provision, and for our families. At this time, Lord we come before you, and lift up in prayer all parents of kids and students. Especially the ones who were looking forward to sending their kids to camp this summer. 

Lord, we ask you to give them wisdom and the right words as they break the news that summer plans have changed too because of COVID-19. We ask you to prepare the kids & students’ hearts, so they can hear and understand that it is for their safety and it is just temporary.

Father God, we ask you to bless parents/caregivers with creative ideas that will not only provide fun for the kids/students, but also will allow the family bonds to be strengthened. Let us all see this time as an opportunity and not an interruption. An opportunity to do what we haven’t been able to do previously during summer because of a super busy schedule. Let it be the birth of new family traditions, devotional time, book reading, game nights, backyard bbq, water ba…

Pray for kids and students as they receive the news about new summer camp plans.

We come before you today, Father thankful for another opportunity to live fully with you. We also come before you lifting up all of the kids and students who are hearing the news of more cancellations and plans changing. Kids and students have already endured school, sports, graduations, and many other of their favorite things cancelled over the last 10 weeks.

With the news about summer camp cancellations and changes in schedules, kids and students are facing yet another event that they look forward to all year, being changed or not what they expected. We ask that you surround our kids and students with understanding as they hear the news about Summer Camp plans changing. We ask that you give kids and students an eagerness for the new plans that are being created and developed for summer camp. We ask that you create excitement within kids and students for new and different camp experiences that will happen this summer.

Most of all, God, we ask that you would be revealed to kids and st…